Friday, December 19, 2008

Warm & Sleepy

It was about 7:00 pm and I was vacuuming frantically while my husband was working hard in the kitchen making his AMAzing tomato soup. I dropped the vacuum and ran some laundry upstairs and came back down yelling about "how could we have forgotten the cheese when we were making grilled cheese!?" My darling husband asked me to take a deep breath and relax, reminding me that we are now in a city after all, the store is a 5 minute walk away.
I always get like this before people coming over. I know it is crazy, that our friends are always people who won't care if there is a speck of dirt on the floor or cat hair in the corner. But no matter! I still freak out trying to get things ready. I come by it very honestly, it is not my fault. I grew up watching my dear father do the very same thing. He is a very logical and level headed man but when guests were coming over, he went into overdrive trying to get everything perfect. If it were not for the casualties of our families who got in our way, it would be a very sweet and well intentioned thing. We just want our guests to be happy.
Our first guests arrived and they brought 3 delicious cheeses with them to snack on before dinner. It is like a switch was thrown somewhere in my brain. Suddenly I was not stressed and I started smiling. Voila! I ask my friend to come with me on the walk to the store while her husband hangs out in the kitchen with mine. She obliges and we end up having a great talk on the way. We are standing in front of the cheese and my phone rings. Turns out our other guests have arrived and brought a fair amount of cheese with them as well! So, per usual, I have freaked out for no reason at all. However, I am someone who believes everything happens for a reason. All was not lost as we had some great girl talks on our walk.
The rest of the evening was wonderful, the soup was delicious and so were the grilled cheese. We were all warm with full bellies which made us sleepy. So instead of playing Cranium as planned, we curled up in the living room to watch The Simpsons. All in all a great evening with great people.
Why was I freaking out again?

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emma discovery said...

omg! i am exactly the same way and i didn't even make the connection that it comes from dad... but you are sooooo right! hahahahaha! sounds like a wonderful evening my sister :)