Monday, September 28, 2009


The Philly Search will be changing! I know what you are isn't like there is anything to change considering how infrequently I write! Well, that aside, it is changing just the same. It is now going to serve a more therapeutic purpose. Apparently, Benjamin Franklin would keep a notebook each week. In this notebook were all kinds of things he wanted to change about himself and he would give himself grades at the end of each week on how successful (or not) he was. I find this inspiring. Therefore, the definition of "The Philly Search" is going to no longer be about searching this city, rather it will be a bit of searching within me (who happens to live in Philly :). This is the reason I would like to warn you. This blog is going to be taking a very personal and narcissistic turn.
Why am I doing this? Simply put, I want to improve myself. However, I have been trying for a very long time and I need help. So I think, if I put this out there, then I will feel more accountability. My husband wants me to be sure that this is for me and not for any one else. However, I have some difficulty separating my want to do this for myself and my want to do this for the people I love. But, essentially, I agree with him. If I am doing this for other people, then he thinks I will be able to get upset with said other people for not noticing my efforts at improvement. If I am doing this for myself, at least 80% for myself, then I only need my own approval to feel better about myself and love myself more.
As I said, narcissistic, but I think this might be just what I need.