Friday, December 5, 2008


Very soon after moving we noticed a tiny place with no real windows to speak of set back about a block off of Fairmount. There was a sign that said Bridgid's hanging above a door tucked under a warmly lit overhang. We were curious but without having the slightest glimpse inside we had a moment of trepidation as we stepped up to the door. As we opened the door all that melted away as we found ourselves looking at a cozy, lively bar with a small dining room beyond it. There was a fire burning and people smiling letting us know that this was a good idea.

We were seated immediately and found the menu to be quite organized and full of comfortable options. They arrange the menu by price making it very easy to plan your meal. They have a great long list of amazing beers and specials listed on the chalk boards on the wall. Today marks our 20th day of living in Philadelphia and we have already visited Brigid's three times. We have sampled their hummus, pork nachos, chorizo nachos, perogies, beef taquitos, salad with blue cheese crumbles, fish tacos, veal sliders and mac n' cheese with hotdogs. These items are all from the top of the menu, we have yet to venture towards the bottom where they have many more options. One of which I am looking forward to trying is their honey fried chicken. I realize the items we tried sound like basic bar food but they are better than that without being more expensive. They have many "nicer" options.

In case you can not tell, I love this place. We truly lucked out being able to walk to Bridgid's.


emma discovery said...

i can't wait to check it out! sounds like a great place.

robynminch said...

LOVED that place and thank you for taking me there and not judging me for eating all the nachos and having nachos all over my face!