Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Tryst to Remember - Chapter Two

Sunday morning dawned with the kind of sunlight that makes you want to leap out of bed, raise your arms in the air, and take a deep breath of it. After having a couple of bottles of wine the previous evening, the sun failed to inspire such feelings in Abby and Rad. It was in fact their stomachs that enticed them out of the warm cocoon that was their bed. Abby, feeling a bit fuzzy due in part to the wine and in larger part to the warm conversations from dinner, contacted her friends to meet them for brunch. There were still some hours to enjoy in this city before being forced to return to reality.

Johnny Brenda's
was the site of this brunch and it proved to be everything Abby's friends had promised. There was a large whiskey doughnut waiting on the table when they arrived to start the day out right. It was still early for the Philadelphia brunch crowd so they virtually had the place to themselves allowing for the conversation to naturally turn to fiber. Such a conversation is a great example for you, the reader, to get to know Abby and Rad. Abby and Rad are sweet and affectionate to one another, yet are comfortable enough to talk and joke about one's regularity over brunch. If that is not personal, I am not sure what is. It is refreshing to see them together as there is this certain honesty between them wedged in between fond jabs and jokes.

Not wanting the fun to end they all decided to head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Abby's friends live a very short walk away so they all parked at their house and used the bathroom and met their cats before heading out. Rad was particularly enthralled by their cat's fascination with the DVD player. This is a trick her friends love to share with anyone who comes over. This may sound quite lame and like her friends have no lives, but it is always a crowd-pleaser. Both cats treat the DVD tray as though it is a game of Whack-A-Mole, darting their paws out as the tray recedes into the player. Naturally this display is exploited for human entertainment.

After such excitement it is hard to see how the day might get better, but it did. Arriving at the museum, the friends passed first the Rocky statue with a line of people extending out from the base to take pictures of him, and then arrived at the bottom of THE Rocky steps. There they were, rising above Abby and Rad like a metaphor for their relationship. Difficult to climb but well worth the view once ascended. They exchanged a meaningful look and began the rise to the top.

The view from the Rocky steps was a spectacular scape of the city. After admiring the vista the foursome turned around to discover a line of about 100 people in between them and the art inside. Not to worry, Abby's friends were members of this particular museum and were given inside information allowing them to completely bypass the seemingly insurmountable line. This elite information was to go to the back entrance where the line was only about twenty people deep. Phew! They spent the majority of the afternoon wandering amongst masterpieces, excitedly pointing out their favorites. Abby and Rad strolled blissfully, holding hands, looking the part of a happy couple.

Soon everyone was tired and it was time to leave the museum. Not wanting it to end just yet, everyone decided a trip to Pat's would be the perfect way to end such a delightful weekend. After all, it is Philadelphia and not only do you eat it to know it, but as we all know, cheesesteaks are the epitome of it all. Another line awaited them but it was OK by Abby and Rad as it would merely stretch their time in this magical city of brotherly love just a little bit longer. The conversation again turned to bodily functions, reaffirming the level of comfort that existed between Abby and Rad.

The cheesesteaks filled the last nook in their bellies that was left and it was at last time to bid adieu. Things had gone so well over the weekend that Rad was going to spend two more days with Abby in her town. Hugs were passed around as well as promises to see one another soon. Abby and Rad got into her car and vowed to meet at the Rocky steps in Philadelphia again as they rode of into the sunset with "Back in Baby's Arms" playing softly on the radio.

Well folks, that is the story of Abby and Rad. Think of them fondly when you need something heartwarming and remember their honesty when entering into your own relationships.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Tryst to Remember - Chapter One

Valentine's Day Weekend, a time for friends and lovers to come together, be it from across the room or from across the Chesapeake Bay. This year Cupid was able to cut a deal and have it fall on a Saturday, dooming all those men out there to try to think of a weekend of fun vs. a single evening, and that is just what my dear friends Abby and Rad did.

This is a tale of two lost souls who fell in love at the wrong time. He was running off to The Big City to chase a dream while she remained behind to build on the strong foundation she had already constructed in her own town. Would they reunite? Would they be able to reignite the flame that once burned fiercely? They decided to meet halfway, at the top of the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia on Valentine's Day to see if these questions could be answered.

The first question was answered quickly when they found that they both had shown up, the second remained to be seen. Abby and Rad were delighted to see one another; Abby a bit more than Rad as he had brought her a special gift. He had brought french fries.

They spent the first evening with good friend's of Abby's who had recently moved to Philadelphia. In truth, it was because of these good friends that this tale is made possible. Had they not lived in Philadelphia who knows where Abby and Rad could have met up? I digress, back to the story at hand. The four friends went out on the town enjoying delicacies such as chorizo nachos and beer. The company was good and the laughter-filled evening was looking to be one for the books, er, blogs.

After quaffing a few brews at Bridgid's, Rad's friends from across town encouraged the foursome to join them at Mad River. A quick cab ride and Abby and Rad arrived to find a line with a cover charge. Abby and Rad were a bit embarrassed for fear of Abby's friend's scorn, but they need not fret as her friends were in a jovial mood by that point. They danced the night away....

The next day was a relaxing one for everyone. It was Valentine's Day so Abby and Rad headed out to explore the city. It was becoming apparent that the way to see Philadelphia was to eat your way through it. They began with a lovely brunch and then headed to the Italian Market. The romance was blooming and they saw everything through rose-colored glasses. Abby began to think about moving to this enchanted town. That evening they had a romantic dinner at L'Oca, just the two of them, while Abby's friends stayed in for a fantastic feast of shrimp and asparagus risotto. There was just one day left in this city and they still had not seen the Rocky Steps...

Will Abby and Rad see the Rocky Steps? Find out in Chapter 2....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Did She GO?

Ahhh my cats. I love them dearly. Currently I am listening to the plaintive cries of my fuzzy orange one named Tug.

You see, for a change of scenery I have taken to sitting with my computer in our "library" i.e. second bedroom, to conduct my job search. (And write emails, And play on facebook, And write on this blog) I had previously been spending my days on our couch in our living room and bugging my husband who works downstairs in his basement office. So, this week, I am in the library. It gives my husband and me more separation and honestly I feel a bit more productive.

Here is the problem. My cats can't stand it. Our guest room (library) is cat-free. We have a few wonderful friends who stay with us on occasion who are allergic to cats, so we do not allow ours into this room. Tug and Osita have become quite accustomed to having someone around ALL DAY. My being in this room has thrown them into a downright tizzy. Periodically, throughout the day, they will come to the door and tell me all about their displeasure with the new arrangement. Tug, our puffy, short haired, orange, Garfield type, rubs against the door and meowowowow's and rowowowrrr's for a solid ten minutes. Occasionally, he pulls his signature move and sneezes all over the door.

Osita on the other hand, has a slightly different tactic. She is a beautiful, sleek, black, short haired girl who is, shall we say, pear shaped. Bluntly, Osita has a booty and she uses it. I will be sitting quietly, typing away, and all of a sudden schhhhhh-BOOM! Osita will begin her dance with a flirty rub against the door finished with a hip-check that makes me jump out of my skin! Then she proceeds to trill and purr and meow for her ten minute turn. Of course this is all punctuated with intermittent hip-checks.

I may feel guilty at times for depriving them of me and all of my wonderful-ness, but one day my children, I WILL have a job.