Wednesday, December 3, 2008


That is what it is all about isn't it? We are in recession and I am in the midst of my big job search. Probably not the most opportune time to be in such a position. I have spent the first three hours of my morning on Philadelphia Craigslist, Monster, and inadvertently the Career-Network.
I say inadvertently because I was lucky enough to fall prey to a bogus craigslisting. I found something that sounded remotely interesting (hooray!) and took the time to send my resume to the email address. I received an immediate automatic response from HR with a link asking me to fill out their application and re-attach my resume to expedite the process.
So I took the time even though this is highly annoying. At the bottom of this particular posting it asked me if I am interested in continued education or not. If I said possibly, it took me to many online schools for me to choose from
Alrighty... that's strange.
Things seemed to be definitely getting off track from this job that sounded just enticing enough. So I went back, and clicked the button that snootily says, "No, I am not interested in continuing my education." and I immediately got redirected to good ol' (BOO!).

Thank you jerks-trying-to-get-my-information for wasting my time when I am frustrated enough with the job search. Check out this link to see that I was not the only one swindled by these pirates

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emma discovery said...

JERKS! don't play with my sister's emotions!