Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grades for October 1st

On the whole I get an A for today! Perhaps that is because I didn't interact with anyone but my husband and that was just for the morning.
HOWEVER, the minute he got home from work my grade took a hit. I promptly pointed out to him that I had cleaned up and vacuumed the main floor of our home! I am only taking a minus on that since this is not the worse of offenses on my list.
October 1st: A-

The List

Alright, here it goes.
First up, I am posting a list of those things I want to change. This is the accountability part. If I put it out into the universe those items that I am trying to change than I can be called on it more readily.
1. I have a short fuse and can be easily frustrated. Much like a child I often allow my emotions to overtake me and have trouble putting them in check like an adult.
2. I apologize too much.
3. I seek out praise too much. Just last night I pointed out to my husband that I had done the dishes. He could see that.
4. I interrupt too much and don't listen as well as I used to. Often when I should just be sympathizing I tell another story that has to do with me. My intention is to show I understand but really I should just keep my mouth shut.
5. I get so upset at people who judge others but find myself judging at times as well.
6. I have trouble admitting I am wrong, even to myself.
7. I have a tendency to wallow when I am down and it seems I think that if I beat myself up it will somehow make it better.
8. I allow others to get to me.
9. I need outward acceptance.
10. I often speak before thinking...end up with my foot in my mouth.
11. I am fairly self-centered/self-involved.
12......I have a strange obsession with my faults......