Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grades for October 1st

On the whole I get an A for today! Perhaps that is because I didn't interact with anyone but my husband and that was just for the morning.
HOWEVER, the minute he got home from work my grade took a hit. I promptly pointed out to him that I had cleaned up and vacuumed the main floor of our home! I am only taking a minus on that since this is not the worse of offenses on my list.
October 1st: A-

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newatthis said...

Interesting. I could have written much of this about myself without altering a word. Heredity, unfortunately, will tell.


Are #3 and #9 the same (more or less) thing?

#11 - I don't see this (perhaps because I'm the same way :-) )

#7 & #12 - Self improvement is a wonderful thing, but don't be too hard on yourself. You're polishing a diamond, not breaking up big rocks with a sledge hammer looking for one (a diamond).