Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry Mom

I Suck at blogging. I know it. Don't worry. I thought I had a new venture but I have been perfect since writing the all revealing post. Ok that is a liiiiie, but in truth writing it has helped me hear in the back of my head little reminders sometimes when I am about to go down a bad path with a reaction to something.

So I may have to change direction what I have no idea.

I suck at blogging.


emma discovery said...

Hahaha did she call you out? That's ok, no pressure, I've been all over it lately so she's definitely got something to tide her over.

I'm not good at it either - people always say blogs should have a theme or voice that lets people count on what's coming - "this is a mommy blog" "this is an interior design blog" "this is a food blog" - and I sure don't have that. I like whatever you come up with :)

Enna said...

:) Thanks Sister :) I was mostly apologizing for saying...."sucks" hehe

emma discovery said...

Haaahahaha! Yeah she's probably not too big a fan of that either ;)