Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A True Philadelphia Night

My husband rules.
We had a fantastic date night this week that was both inexpensive and very fun. It fit our goal of exploring this city to a tee!
We started out by parking near the Greyhound station in Chinatown. Woo! Good date so far right? There were many interesting folks to see in this particular area... We walked about two blocks to a Malaysian restaurant called Penang on 10th St. The place had good atmosphere and we were seated right away. They provided us with a pot of tea at the table automatically so we just stuck with that. We decided to order three appetizers and enjoyed them all. Our most favorite was home made Roti Canai (Indian Pancake)a crispy style pancake & curry chicken potato dipping sauce. The three apps did a great job filling us up so we asked for the check. It came with a smile and two complimentary small bowls of Tapioca Green Bean Soup! Hmmm..this is definitely not something that I would have looked twice at...but not wanting to offend after such a kind gesture I took a small sip. Sure enough the soup was really pretty good! It was sweet like a dessert and I am sure it had fiber content.
We left the restaurant feeling pretty happy and headed over to The Trocadero for special movie night! This place for those of you who don't know is much like the 9:30 Club in D.C. A good venue for a variety of bands. However, on certain evenings they host $3 movie nights which turns out to basically be a free movie that you can drink during due to the $3 token they give you when you pay at the door. The movie this particular evening that we attended was Pineapple Express which we could not have seen in a better setting. Even with the low over hang making the top half of the movie a mystery to us! This is one of those movies that was meant to be seen with a large rowdy group.
Finally to cap the evening off we headed to The Barbary in Fishtown where our friend Rabbit DJ's on occasion. We chatted with her and her friends while watching the timid dancing crowd evolve into a confident pulsing mob underneath the large disco ball as the evening crept into the wee hours.
All in all, an excellent night.


emma discovery said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm delighted y'all are slipping into Philly life with such ease!

robynminch said...

I'm shocked you don't know exactly how many grams of fiber that soup contains. Shocked.

Adam@ said...

Surprisingly, according to the website dietaryfiberfood.com, dried tapioca pearls have less than one gram of fiber per 100g of tapioca. I was really taken aback by this.