Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alright, Alright

Obviously it has been ages since I have attempted to update this blog. Frankly, I have lost focus and inspiration. Reading that, I am certain you are thinking, "Oh, I know how that feels, she must have found a job!" Har de Har?

Well I have found a job! Thanks to a lovely neighbor and a little bit of getting the word around that I was still in the market I ended up with an exciting new job mere blocks from my house! Because I am paranoid about writing on the internet about my place of employment, I will leave it at that.

In the mean time, bear with me. I realize anyone who may have read this beyond humble blog is long gone, but I shall find inspiration again. I swear it. Much love to you :)

1 comment:

emma discovery said...

Welcome back! I hope your inspiration returns! Love reading you.